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If you are a kid aged 4-10 and want to find new ways to help your community, this may be the place for you! 


Watch this short 90-second video to hear our story.

We hope you get some ideas and can enjoy making a difference where you live!

Want to get something done before the year ends?

Check out our HOLIDAY CONTEST and submit your idea to get a certificate and maybe win a PRIZE!

This site is geared towards families with young children who want to get involved in small projects to help their local communities.

We are on a journey with our two girls try to make small impacts from our (often very messy!) kitchen table.

Ideas and Resources

On our project page, you will find our latest projects with details of the steps we took and resources that may help you do a similar project in your area.  We include a ideas, lists, things to think about and a few printables you can customize for your project. 


Connect with us
We would love to hear from you!  If you try one of these projects or have a great idea, email us or use our contact page!  You can also follow us on Instagram!

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