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Chief Helping Officer and Founder

I just turned 6 and am in Senior Kindergarten.  I love reading, drawing, Lego, puzzles and anything from Frozen!

I am so excited to do things to add to my community and learning more ways that I can be helpful.



Ambassador of Buzz and Quality Control

I am 3.5 and even though I'm still little, I like to help out with projects by filling up bags, helping with the crafts and handing things out.  I am also friendly when out in my neighbourhood.  I love doing Just Dance, painting and helping in the kitchen!

Photo from Anuja.jpg


Project Managers and Financial Consultants

We are Anuja and David and we help the girls by making their ideas become real.   We both love road trips, sports, board games and spending time with family.

We have found that working on these projects together has been a great experience and keeps bringing us closer together for a good cause.



Head Cheerleader and Positivity Officer

Our awersome puppy lives up to his name by his deep enjoyment of both chewing and barking every day!  He has been a fun and slightly chaotic addition to our family and we are enjoying learning more about having a pet.  Happy to hear tips and tricks from any other pet owners out there!

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