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Neighbourhood Food and Winter Drive

This is a great project to help encourage people on your street or neighbourhood to donate to a local food bank. 


You can do this by making it very easy for them to donate!

We did this by: 

1. Writing a letter introducing yourself and including a time that you will pick up donations from porches.  We suggest 3-5 days after you drop off the letters.

Click here to make a copy to customize your own letter that you can use to do your own neighbourhood food and/or winter drive!

2. Drop off letters and bags at your neighbours.

3. Set up a big plastic bin on your porch for neighbours to drop donations off.


4. Pick up the donations from the porches on the day and time that you set.

5. Drop off the donations at your local food bank.

Some other helpful tips

  • Check your local food bank in advance for their most needed items!

  • Have your parents post on local sites like Next Door

  • Make sure your bins are strong enough to carry the food

  • Check if there are any opportunities to volunteer at your local food bank

  • Take a photo of your haul before you drop if off to share back and post to people who donated so they can see the impact they have made together!


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