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Neon Hello

Play the Hello Game!

When we are outside walking the dog or in the park, we try to say "Hello, have a great day!" to the people we see.  Make it a game by counting and seeing who can say hello to 10 people first!  A simple and easy way to add a sense of connection to our community.

Image by Sara Kurfeß

Send a kind video

Especially in times when we cannot visit or get together, send a video message to a friend or family member letting them know you are thinking of them.

Helping Hands

Help where you can

Do you have a neighbour who could use some help with shovelling or raking?  Could you help pick up garbage somewhere when the snow melts?  Could you find ways to help within your classroom?

Look for places that you can help out.  You may be surprised how many others follow your lead!

Fresh Coffee

Drive-thru Surprise!

One of the girls' favourite things is to pay for the order for the car behind us when we are in line at Tim Horton's Coffee Shop.  For the a few dollars, we know that we are putting a smile on someone's face and hope that they will "Pay it Forward" and do it for someone else next time!



Have you gotten too old for some of your toys or books?  You can pick the first Sunday of each month to go through your toys, clothes or books that you no longer need and share them with a local donation centre.  Making this a habit prevents clutter in your home and someone can get good use out of something that you may not be using anymore.

Image by AbsolutVision

We want to hear from YOU!

Do you have any other ideas for random acts of kindness?  We would love to include them here?  Send your ideas to and it may get featured on this page!

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