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Holiday Seniors Visits

Call a local retirement home and set up a time for a visit.  In the past, we have done visits for Halloween in our costumes and over the holidays when we handed out little homemade ornaments.

During times when it may be less safe to visit, we can write cards and letters to mail in.  Call your local homes to see the options that are available.

Time frame: 1 hour 

Cost: $0

Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons

Random Acts of Kindness

Consider ways that you can bring kindness to those around you!

Click on this page to find some of our favourite ideas for small actions that can make a BIG difference in someone else's day.  These can just take seconds or a minute and cost nothing or the cost of a coffee.  Spreading joy brings benefits to those around us and can make us feel good too!

Time frame: Just minutes 

Cost: $0 - $5



Lunch Bag Project

A quick and easy project to hand out care packages to people who may be in need in your community.  Customize your bags depending on the time of year.  

Time frame: 1-2 days

Cost: $3-4 per bag


Neighbourhood Food and Winter Kit Drive

With a little planning, you can make it really easy for your neighbours to make food donations to your local food bank.  Hand out flyers and ask neighbours to put donations on their porch on a certain date.  Collect the donations and drop them off at a local food bank

Time frame: 4-5 days

Cost: $0

Community Lending Libraries

Create a little library for your front lawn geared towards kids, adults, or both!

Use one of the sources available online, build your own or ask your parents to help you find someone in your community who might be able to help you build.  Watch as your neighbours lend and give to your amazing little library!

Time frame: 

Cost: Materials, or Ordering ($200-$300)

Heal Salve.jpg

Homemade Artisan Sale

("Nani's Magic Heel Balm")

Use your skills and your time to make something beautiful from scratch.  You can also find someone in your life who bakes, cooks, creates or makes beautiful things and see if they might donate their time.  Package the items, make your own labels and learn how to sell your product to family and friends or on a marketplace like Facebook.

All the money you make can go to a local charity.

Check out our story about packaging and selling "Nani's Magic Heel Balm"!

Time Frame: 1-2 Weeks

Cost: Varies

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